Our Backstory

We are excited to bring live music back to Sloan’s Lake. When the Sloan’s Lake renovations occurred on the Jetty (by the boathouse), it was created for a live music series that never stuck. We believe in bringing our neighbors and community together and know that music has the power to do so. In 2016, we began putting our vision into action and hosted 5 Jamming on the Jetty’s with great turnouts. We are so excited to be hosting our 6th Jamming on the Jetty on September 17th and hope you can join us!

Jamming on the Jetty


Jamming on the Jetty is FREE to the public and has many enjoyable activations including live music, beer stands, food trucks and local vendors.  It’s a great time for everyone of all ages.

Bring your camping chairs and blankets, meet your neighbors and enjoy a variety of musical talent while you relax on the Jetty.


4700 West Bryon Place, 80212


How it all Began

A.J. Steinke (The founder) and music lover Vanessa Vaughan came together and saw a great opportunity for a community event. AJ has been a Sloans Lake enthusiast and advocate for about 20 years and wanted to bring his neighborhood together for a day of live music, games and water activities. Together they planned logistics and a name and came together with a plan. They would throw a concert and find local vendors to help create a day festival on the Jetty at Sloans Lake. We are excited to be celebrating the 6th JOJ. Each event has been better than the last! Sloans Lake Park Foundation is now hosting this event. They are a group that advocates to better the future of the lake. Thank you Sloans Lake Park Foundation for all that you do and keeping this event alive.