Story of Event

We are excited to bring live music back to Sloan's Lake. When the Sloan's Lake renovations occurred on the Jetty (by the boathouse), it was created for a live music series that never stuck. We believe in bringing our neighbors and community together and know that music has the power to do so. In 2016, we began putting our vision into action and hosted 3 Jamming on the Jetty's with great turnouts. We are so excited to be hosting our 4th Jamming on the Jetty on July 7th and hope you can join us!

Jamming on the Jetty

Highlights of Event

Jamming on the Jetty brings the community together to enjoy live music on the lake on a beautiful summer afternoon. There will be water sports, games for children and free giveaways. It's a great time for everyone of all ages.

Bring your picnic basket, umbrellas, blankets, meet your neighbors, and enjoy a variety of musical talent while you relax on the Jetty.

Location of the Event!

4700 West Bryon Place, 80212


Looking forward to partnering with you!

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